The first in-presence transnational partner meeting of REACT project has been finally realized from 5th to 7th, September 2022! The meeting has been attended by representatives of REACT consortium, composed by the Danilo Dolci Center for the Creative Development (Palermo, Italy), the Regional Directorate for primary and secondary education of the Ionian Islands (Corfu, Greece), AGRAF research organization (Germany), the Center for Educational Initiatives (Sofia, Bulgaria) and the San Jorge University Foundation (Saragoza, Spain) leaded and hosted by Villa Montesca Foundation members. The 3TPM has been the occasion to officially launch the second year and half activities of REACT – mainly related to the training and piloting actions with teachers and students.

Alongside the development of the TPM, on 6th September, an international Reciprocal Maieutic Seminar has been realized. The seminar, focused on the theme of “Peace”, has been realized in English and leaded by Amico, the son of Danilo Dolci, and it has been attended by partners’ representatives, teachers, external experts and facilitators.